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Grapefruit Tarts and the
Doctor's Secret

Ivy is caught in a whirlwind. An overly friendly doctor and scary diagnosis leave her questioning everything. Should she risk falling in love? Or is it best to steer clear? And what about her rocky relationship with her father? As she tries to untangle her thoughts, she's got to keep her dessert business going. She has no idea of the danger she’s in if she doesn't figure out what’s really going on.

bokeh photography of open book
bokeh photography of open book

I am halfway through book number five in the Accidental Detective series. The title is Death of a Troubled Mother. Tiffany is back and messing with Clara and Peter's life after she steals from someone. And now they think Clara has it. You'll also hear more about Wallace and his house from book one. I know a lot of you were sad when he died, but he will continue to play a part in future books.

I have a kid's fantasy series that I'm not sure what to do with. I mean, I want it published, but I'm not sure if I can handle another series right now. It's about a Peasant Scribe named Jeremiah.

In my writing group, we're working on an anthology of scary shorts. We plan to publish it October 2024.

books on ground
books on ground

I have an outline for the second Superhero Detectives book. Tyson's principal has been kidnapped and he is forced to do a group project with Grayson.

I have a partially written draft of a teenage girl who finds a flute that takes her back in time to different archeological mysteries.

I'm brainstorming for Ivy's next book in Accidental Detectives and can't decide if this is a book where Clara and Ivy team up after their grandpa dies. I want them to get together every so often but haven't decided how often that is. Or does she go up against an embezzler.

brown pencil on white book page
brown pencil on white book page